Automation and Custom Machinery:

We design special-purpose industrial machinery, as well as factory automation processes and special purpose tools which are very reliable and cost effective.

Concept 2 Reality can design and create:

Specialty Automation and Custom Tools: we can design and create your assembly line and tooling.

  • Special purpose machinery
  • Conveyors
  • Packaging machinery
  • Production machinery
  • Ergonomic tooling
  • Dies
  • Jigs
  • Assembly & Checking Fixtures
  • Ergonomic lifting devices & zero gravity tool arms

Let us automate your plant by designing assembly lines with complete tooling, plus automation solutions unique to your manufacturing process.  Concept 2 Reality can design your manufacturing system from scratch for new products, or retool an existing assembly system to incorporate refinements and changes you require.

Contact Joe Van Pelt today to discuss what you need for your manufacturing process.

Special-Purpose Machine Design: Factory Setup

We are able to design special purpose machinery, custom machinery, and production equipment that solves your manufacturing problems.  We have worked in many industrial sectors, including automotive, medical, industrial, and commercial. In every case, the confidentiality of customers’ intellectual and technological information is strictly maintained.

Our aim is to design production equipment that is as simple as possible and meets your needs. Typically, we design for automatic or manual assembly, creating drilling, milling, cutting, or welding machines in any combination necessary.

Example: Conveyors

A Small Buffer Table Conveyor
C2R designed this buffer table to feed parts to the assembly line when needed.

Example: Machinery

Special Purpose Machinery: Aliquotter
This machine, called an aliquotter, tests and barcodes blood serum samples, and produces results in a safely contained space.

Special-Purpose Machinery & Automation