Mechanical Design, From Idea to Completion:

Mechanical Design example: Product Design
C2R designed this water press bottle. The lid, and pump were designed to push dirty water through a proprietary filter that cleaned the water for drinking.

Mechanical design covers a broad spectrum of parts, tools, assemblies, and machines, with a focus on technical concepts, products, and processes.

Mechanical designers use computer software to design and supply drawings for the design and construction of mechanical projects. Our designs always incorporate safety and ergonomic features In addition to considering aesthetics, usability, and ergonomics. They typically focus on power-producing machines (such as motors, turbines, and engines) and power-using machines (such as robots, and machine tools).

We have the knowledge to apply mathematics, kinematics, statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, properties of material, stresses, loads, mechanical technology of metals, and 3D assembly drawing. Our professional 3D drawings and assemblies incorporate all the components of the machines that have been designed. These drawings will be used to manufacture your product or tooling to precise specifications.

Product Design and Consulting

Drawing on our expertise in the manufacturing industry, we will oversee all aspects of your product’s development, with your confidentiality and best interests always at the forefront. Learn more about our product development service here.

Automation and Special Purpose Machinery

C2R designs production equipment that is as simple as possible and meets your needs. Typically, we design for automatic or manual assembly, creating drilling, milling, or welding machines in any combination necessary.

Tool Design

Concept 2 Reality can design custom tools and fixtures for whatever application you may need.